Februar 3, 2017

Zip Lock Bags



Zip Lock Bags

Our zip lock bags are special because of their wide range of applicability.
You can open them easily and fast because of the handy seal on their opening. The different lug length additionally simplifies this.
The LDPE- material is tearproof, transparent, harmless for food and provides a high security for your products.


  • 50 or 90 my
  •  100% low density polyethylene (LDPE; LD-PE)
  • cold resistance
  • heat resistance for up to 140°F / 60°C
  • acid resistance
  • recycle symbol on the lug
  • easy opening and closing because of the enhanced lug
 For companies:

  • Efficient packaging and assembling
  • FBA appropriate [fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon Packaging guidelines (p. 4 point 2)]
  • Packaging of goods, samples, resources, small and single parts, assignments, shipping documents, etc.

  • For storing and sorting small pieces like screws, buttons, coins, stamps, elastics, batteries and many other things
  • Can be used to freeze groceries
  • For storing of supplies, e.g. from electric devices
  • Clean and safe storing of hobby products
We also offer bags with an area for inscription, euro perforation or a 5 mm round hole. You can also find bigger amounts with price advantages in our remaining supply.

We offer bags in a lot of sizes. Among these are:

40mm x 60mm 90µ (0,09mm)

55mm x 65mm 90µ (0,09mm)

70mm x 100mm 90µ (0,09mm)

80mm x 120mm 90µ (0,09mm)

100mm x 150mm 90µ (0,09mm)

110 mm x 220 mm 90 µ (0,09 mm)

120mm x 170mm 90µ (0,09mm)

180 mm x 250 mm 90 µ (0,09 mm)

200 mm x 300 mm 90 µ (0,09 mm)

220 mm x 310 mm 90 µ (0,09 mm)

300 mm x 400 mm 90 µ (0,09 mm)

400 mm x 600 mm 90 µ (0,09 mm)

500 mm x 600 mm 90 µ (0,09 mm)

For more information you are welcome to contact us at :  info@welties.de or 02247/9029885
We are happy to help you out!